How to Avoid Mistake while filling CCS University admission 2014 registration form

To stop, fraud in the registration Meerut University has stops edit option in the registration application. However, here is an open way for students, and that will work before final submit, if students finally submitted form, the arrow has left and they can’t change anything, and the way is jut save each page(s) before submit, and edit if required, to know more in details let explain below.

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Know C.C.S. Registration in details

There will be total five (05) pages and student have to, must fill form one by one as

  1. Page1: Personal Information.
  2. Page2: Address(both temporary & permanent).
  3. Page3: Wattage.
  4. Page4: Educational Information (Internediate, 12th standard etc.)
  5. Page5: College Selection

On college choice page the college status, whether college is Govt., Aided, or Self Finance will display on screen, and they can choose accordingly.

How to avoid mistake?

The most important and make mistake zone here, but, don’t worry the IT expert Dheeraj Chauhan suggest students about “How to Avoid mistake while filling CCS University admission registration form online”  let see in steps below

  1. Don’t submit all pages/form together, instead fill one page/form and click on save, take that page printout, again keep in mind don’t submit yet.
  2. Go to next page and do the same, fill, save, and print, but not submit.
  3. Take all pages, printouts, now recheck that printout carefully, if any, mistakes correct it, because you have not submitted form yet, so you can make changes many times.
  4. Check all pages/printout, if mistake here goes to the pages and edit it, again you have a chance if you have not submitted it.
  5. On the final stage if everything is OK, and you are satisfied just click on the submit form, and the online registration system will you drive to final window just print out this also (this page is important for the future and university admission purpose)

Simple, the funda is just SAVE, DON’T SUBMIT FAST they can make correction till the SAVE button visible. For more information, you can follow us on FB, Twitter and G+.

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