What to write must by Students on attendance sheet ?

Now Ch. Chran Singh University makes the necessary changes for all students to follow in the examination hall, and one major change is that now all students must write their examination copy number on attendance sheet so that in case any student show absence in any examination wrongly or by mistake, the university can trace the students by copy serial on the attendance sheet.Published for ccsuniversity.blogspot.com

Though, this process needs some extra time, but also in the welfare of students, it will reduce the absence case in examination, earlier if any students result stop or pending due to absence in any subject while the student claim he/she was appearing in all exams, in that case students come in trouble and he/she have to apply to university and then wait and watch till work in process, but the new system can reduce the chance of mistakes. So next time when you go to CCS University examination hall don’t forget to mention allotted copy’s unique serial number in all paper.