CCS University canceled M.Sc. Horticulture paper

Chaudhary Charan Singh University latest notification about Horticulture wrong paper set and the mark adjustment in M.A. English paper code 1012.Published for
CCS University canceled M.Sc. Horticulture paper
University has cancel M.Sc. 3rd semester’s Horticulture paper that was on 16/01/2014, late evening CCS University take the responsibility and clear that it was a human mistake.

Actually, the paper setter set examination paper from out of course and ask question that were not in syllabus, while paper open in examination hall the several students objection on it and center inform to university, after caught mistake C.C.S University decide to cancel paper on all four examination center and the official notification send to center in charge regarding to cancel paper.

The Ch. Charan Singh University exam in charge Prof. H.S. Singh clear that “This is very clear that the paper’s topic is ‘Fundamental of Food Production’, but question ask from other topics that not cover the syllabus so in welfare of students university has decide to cancel the paper on all 4 examination center, and the students no need to worry, the university working on new paper as well”
So, as official notification added students not to worry, university will be Re-examination for that code ASAP.

C.C.S. University Paper code 1012 out of syllabus question

The Meerut University also clear situation about M.A. English first semester paper Code-1012, that yes its clear now that in this paper more than one question were out of topics or syllabus, though this is a big mistake but these question’s marks can be associate with other question or other option also open for choose, but it depend on Dean report. - Prof. H.S. Singh

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